admin Aug,27,2022

Is there still a role for the people in the change

The world today is on the brink of a global war that may claim billions of lives and destroy humanity's endeavor to build and preserve it

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admin Jun,1,2021

military spending

global military spending

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admin Aug,27,2022

For or against austerity policies?

In light of the economic crises, some countries and governments resort to adopting an austerity policy to bridge the budget deficit

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Hassan Barbour Sep,19,2021

Renewable energy global investments in 2022

International investments in renewable energies currently exceed $280 billion

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Hassan Barbour Oct,3,2021

Will artificial intelligence reach the human level one day?

Artificial Intelligence, which is the behavior and characteristics of computer programs that make them mimic human mental abilities

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admin Aug,27,2022

Civil Marriage

If civil marriage is the only solution that breaks the chains of religion, race and class differences as a whole in the world

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